5 Lessons We've Learned the Hard Way | FREE Mini-guide

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We all fall on our faces every now and then. My first giant mistake cost me $6,000 — all the money I had in my business bank account. In this downloadable free mini-guide, I share a few business lessons we learned the hard way on our journey to building a well-loved brand. It's my hope that these stories inspire you to dig deep into your brand and carefully map any business decisions to be sure not to trip over the same obstacles. Learn more about production and manufacturing (one of my largest hurdles) in Production 101. 

Included in this 5-page downloadable mini-guide:

  • Producing products without samples
  • Underestimating timelines
  • Venturing too far out of our industry 
  • Creating an early culture of no boundaries
  • Not taking care of ourselves and our hearts