Operations + Pricing | E-kit

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As creatives, we often ignore the back end of the business. We'd rather be styling photoshoots, designing new products, and meeting with clients! About four years into my business, when things really started to grow, I got serious about understanding, analyzing, and monitoring "the business of the business." In Operations + Pricing, we'll discuss pricing, operations, growing a team, and long-term planning/goal setting.

Included in this 19-page downloadable e-kit:

  • Running a smart, profitable back-end business
  • How to decide on a product price
  • How to run the day-to-day (in a short amount of time)
  • Growing a team
  • Long-term planning and goal setting
  • How to get your business organized
  • Glossary of pricing terms
  • Printable pricing spreadsheet
  • Printable yearly calendar template
  • Printable social media calendar template 
  • Printable blog editorial calendar template
  • Printable business goals template 
  • Printable team meeting notes template
  • Our favorite tools for business automation