Customer Service is a Ministry | E-book

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No matter what type of business you're in, customer service is part of your job. Some days, talking with customers is wonderful and reminds you why you got into this business. Other days, you want to throw your coffee cup. I get it. We receive hundreds of emails a day (sometimes more). Over the years, we've developed tried-and-true practices and systems for handling all types of customer service inquiries, including the monotonous questions, the angry customers, the happy customers, and, of course, the challenging issues. Above all, we truly believe customer service is not just a job, it's a ministry — a chance to impact people in a deeply profound way. In this e-book, we share our own methods and practices for building community, and lifelong customers, through customer service. 

Included in this 9 page, downloadable e-book:

  • Our best tips for handling difficult conversations
  • Our favorite customer management platform (that saves us tons of time)
  • How we answer emails quickly and efficiently
  • How to build brand evangelists — people who deeply love your brand and tell all their friends