Tales from a Work-from-Home-Mom | FREE Mini-guide

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Balance. We all want it, but where is it!? I'm a big believer in the idea that balance doesn't really exist. I was once told that balance is like riding a bicycle. We're constantly shifting our weight from left to right trying to avoid a face-plant. Sometimes we lean a little more to the left and sometimes we lean a little more to the right. When faced with the decision to include a home office in our new home plans or rent a studio space outside our home, I chose to combine what was an office and formal dining room in our home plans to create a large office. Working from home has its challenges, but I've found a few tricks and tips that have made it one of my best mama decisions to date. Learn more about building a brand that supports your family (not the other way around) in The Well-Loved Brand

Included in this 5-page, downloadable mini-guide:

  • Workspace
  • Office hours
  • Asking for help
  • The heart of your brand
  • Boundaries