It's time to simplify, automate, streamline, organize, and solidify. When I started my company eight years ago, I spent days, weeks, and months, searching, googling, trying, failing, and experimenting to find systems, processes, and theories that worked. I desperately looked for a one-stop-shop for new entrepreneurs and seasoned pros as my company grew. When I couldn't find what I was looking for, I created Playbook. Playbook is an educational resource site for women balancing booming businesses, growing families, and big dreams for both. It was created by a woman doing just that. I have three children under five and have successfully doubled our company's revenue year-over-year since 2008. My face-plants, failures, triumphs, and well-travelled journey is documented within the Playbook material. DON'T make my mistakes. DO take my secret sauce discoveries and run with them. It's impossible to do it all from scratch, so Playbook is here to help be your guide as you build, grow, and balance. Here's what you'll find in the Playbook shop: 




So often we stay in the hamster wheel expecting things to change. "One day," we say, "when I have XYZ, life will slow down." Or "One day, when XYZ is in place, I won't have to work so much." But one day never comes. I've learned that if you want something to change, you have to change it. That means taking action. Take a few days off, pumping the breaks, and educating yourself, revamping your documents and / or work-flow, spending time setting up systems. When you start again, that time will be OVER. You will have set yourself up for success in BOTH the areas of profit and balance. It's worth it. You're worth it.

Streamline. Automate. Build balance. Increase profitability.

Over the last eight years, I've helped nearly 100 women transform their lives by building well-designed, well-loved brands using simple tactics that work. I'm excited to put that private-coaching knowledge into your hands so that you can take it and run with it. As a wife, mom of a preschooler and toddler twins, and a designer, I've been there. I know what it feels like to have everything spin out of control. I also know what it feels like to get it all back on track. I much prefer the latter. Over the years, I've learned — both as a coach and a business owner — that profit and balance are tied hand-in-hand. You'll find that is a running theme throughout our Playbook content.

What is Playbook?

I began creating Playbook material in 2014, after six years as a product designer, brand designer, and business/branding coach for nearly 100 successful boutique brands. The word "playbook" is defined as "a book containing a sports team's strategies and plays." And the Playbook e-books, cheatsheets, templates, and masterclasses featured here are designed to do exactly that: give you a solid foundation of business strategy, branding know-how, and special customer experience plays to equip and empower your own well-loved brand. 

Who is Playbook for?

Playbook is perfect for you if you are overwhelmed, running in a hamster wheel, and ready for simplicity, automation, order, and solidity. Playbook is for entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and big dreamers in all stages of life. Playbook is designed to give you all the information at once, so that you can move through the material at your own pace (not at the pace of an instructor). Playbook is perfect for you if you are ready for more balance and more profit. Playbook is perfect for you if you are ready for serious, tactical instruction taught by someone with extensive experience building brands for other people, as well as in building her own well-loved brand. 

Tell me about the NEW Playbook Community!

With the purchase of any Playbook masterclass, you are automatically given access to the Facebook EL Playbook Community group. This is a private group for members to discuss ideas, ask questions, and share resources.

What is a "well-loved brand"?

A well-loved brand is different than a "business" (one that just makes money). It's also different than a "hobby business" (one that doesn't make any money). A well-loved brand is a brand bursting at the seams with heart, connection, and impact. Its messaging is clear, concise, and addictive. A well-loved brand is profitable, fine tuned, and synchronized to provide its owner (and their team) with unmatched work-life balance, margin, and time for the good stuff of life — outside of business.  

What will I get out of Playbook?

Whether you are working in a corporate role and itching to bring more heart to your day-to-day, running your own direct sales business, or pioneering your own way as a creative entrepreneur, Playbook will help you increase your revenue and improve your work-life balance. Each piece has been carefully crafted to 1) deliver all the information on the given topic to you at once (so you can work through it at your own speed, not ours), and 2) include any additional templates, printables, cheatsheets, and bonuses you may need (see each product description for exact details). Masterclass purchasers get access to our private EL Playbook Facebook group. (Email with your order number if you need access granted). 

Where do I begin?

No matter your skill level or business type, we recommend starting with The Well-Loved Brand masterclass. TWLB is our most comprehensive piece. We give you everything at once, so you can work through your brand at your own speed. From there, add additional material based on your needs.