Playbook Partner - Laura Foote

Laura Foote is a published commercial/branding and portrait photographer who has worked with brands such as Emily Ley, Shay Cochrane, Ashlee Proffitt Designs, Southern Doe/Messy Ma, Camp Patton and more! With a Master's Degree in Education and a background working with the Walt Disney World Company, Laura loves approaching business from a customer service lens and is always looking for ways to improve systems, business models and best practice approaches (#nerdalert)! Laura believes that the best businesses are built on strategy and intentionality alongside a lot of heart. She offers in-person mentoring and online coaching for businesses looking for the next step, a change, a start, or something new!

Playbook exclusive: 1 free hour of coaching for Playbook readers who book at least 3 hours (online or in person)


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