Will my business definitely grow in both margin and balance if I purchase Playbook materials?

If you purchase Playbook materials, study them well, and implement them wholeheartedly and consistently throughout your business, you will be astounded at the results. These principles are tried and true for our brand and applicable to both creative businesses and direct sellers. Let's be honest, they're applicable to giant businesses as well.  

Do you offer returns or exchanges?  

All Playbook purchases are final. We do not offer returns or exchanges on digital content.

Can I share my Playbook e-book, template, video or other material with a friend? 

No Playbook material may be shared, forwarded, blogged, or otherwise reproduced without express written permission from Emily Ley. All material is copyright Emily Ley Paper, Inc 2016-2017. Please refer to our policies here. Thank you kindly.

What programs do I need to view or use Playbook material? 

Our templates require Adobe creative software (InDesign or Illustrator, as noted in the product descriptions). Our e-books require Adobe Acrobat (which you can download free here). Our videos require a multimedia player. Other great options for specific software and photography training include Nicole's Classes and Lynda.com.

Do you offer private coaching? 

We do not offer private coaching at this time. The most comprehensive of our material options — Production 101 and The Well Loved Brand — are both full of information typically covered during private coaching sessions.

What other educational resources do you recommend, outside of Playbook?

We are enormous fans of Tradeshow Bootcamp for creative entrepreneurs who wish to get into wholesale. Emily has taken part as both a TSBC student and speaker and learned quite a bit about trade shows and wholesale in general there.