The Well Loved Brand Masterclass has given me so much clarity with the direction of my new business. I love how Emily lays out a clear recipe to discovering what you enjoy as a person, and then creating your brand from that perspective. This course is packed with good stuff.

Charity H.

Nothing could have prepared me for opening my shop more than this. After watching, I felt so clear on the exact steps I needed to take, had a list of amazing resources, and was part of a community of other creatives with endless knowledge and opportunities. It would have taken me a long time to figure this all out on my own. Thank you!

Haley Humiston, Grand Print Co.

I already have an established brand, but working through this workbook has given me the tools to ensure everything is cohesive and that the impression I make is amazing from start to finish! Meagan Weddings Tied With Lace

Meagan, Weddings Tied with Lace

Playbook helped me to streamline my business processes, create a strong brand presence, and pour more love on what matters most - my clients and their overall experience. After implementing steps from this course, I have developed a consistent 12 step workflow process, a brand that visually represents my business, and clients who are always delighted. 

Moya Mims, MM Ink

This is exactly what I have been needing. Thank you for all the work you put into the booklet and video!

Kristen B.

Couldn’t be happier with the Masterclass. So comprehensive and the tutorial and workbook go so well together. Definitely a must for any new business owner!

Janelle Lucas

TWLB helped me get my business off the ground. It gave me practical tools to know how to set up my shop, as well as the heart for my core and why I was running this business in the first place. I’m so grateful for Emily’s heart and sharing her experiences.

Natasha Red

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